I am a fan of Kathy Griffin’s Life on the D-List show. I especially like the part where something strange or depressing happens at an event and Kathy then points out that she can’t imagine that sort of thing happening to Nicole Kidman or some other A-lister.

I’m having a Z list moment. Yes, Z. I can’t even imagine a fourth tier publishing house having these kinds of problems much less a house like Harper Collins or and editor like Arthur Levine.

Here goes. As of yesterday, Summer Shorts no longer shows up in the Barnes & Noble system. Yep, it’s gone. If you look online at like Amazon or bn.com, it appears to be out of print. Yes, my book that has been out 5 weeks is now apparently out of print. This happens because they haven’t entered in our data into their system. It doesn’t matter that we’ve sent the data twice now. But this kind of thing happens every now and then. Okay, every book, so I’ve gotten used to it. I still find it disheartening and depressing, but those are the kicks.

But what really gets me down is finding out that my wonderful fabulous Summer Shorts party that I’ve worked hard on, admittedly I haven’t killed myself over it, but I have worked hard, has now been relegated to a half hour time slot. When I planned it, I very cunningly chose to schedule it right after the monthly local SCBWI meeting. This way all those folks can stay and mingle and up our attendance. So, my party is set for Saturday at 1. What wasn’t set at the time was a tasting/book signing for the Fearless Food Critic’s Austin book. That’s now been scheduled for 2 (at least according to the store manager, who admittedly could have gotten the time wrong.) You know that with catering they are going to want at least a half hour to set up. And that leaves me 30 minutes. Well, we can certainly take pictures, sign books, and read our winning kid’s essay in 30 minutes, but I have to admit that I had kind of hoped for, I don’t know, at least 45. Oh well, we’ll start the minute SCBWI is over, so if you plan on coming, you might want to arrive slightly early. And remember, feel free to bring the kiddies. After all it’s a book for them. Oh, of course that’s assuming the book arrives. That’s up in the air too.

Somedays I wonder why I even bother.

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