Yesterday, I send out a plea for contest entrants, and I must say that my fellow bloggers have done a great job responding. Through my stat tracker I was able to see how one person would pick up my post, and then another would, etc. This is the very definition of viral marketing where like a virus, an idea is spread from one person to the next. I know. I know. Awful imagery, but then again I’m not the businessman who came up with the term.

And that leads me to my Viral Marketing Award of the Day. One person posted about the contest only to have it show up on no less than 13 other blogs. And the honor of being most Viral goes to . . . (insert drumroll) . . . K. Pluta! Yeah, K! K is one of my authors, a Blooming Tree assistant editor, and a general all around great gal. You can find her on the web at her blog here. Apparently on Livejournal, when you post all of your friends can duplicate your post on their blog as well. Tricky. Anyway, thank you K.

And thank you to everyone else who’s been spreading the word. But, please, please don’t stop. I would love to see more entries.

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