I officially started to move today. Yippee. In the past this would have meant that a bunch of burly movers would have come over, cleared the old house, dumped it in the new house, and Tadah! we would have been done. But, oh no, we’re not being that simple. For starters, we still haven’t bothered to turn the gas back on, so no one is actually going to live at the new house quite yet. What should be going over there now are things like books, my slush pile, things I don’t need everyday or right this minute. What’s actually there are things like all my shoes, my backup discs for my computer that I needed when my external hard drive decided to not work, etc. Life is a bit of a mess.

But not as big of a mess as the explosive, and I mean Explosive, diarrhea one of my dogs had all over the utility room. And of course they walked in it and then left tracks all the way to the back door when my fiance let them out. Disgusting does not begin to cover it. It has been a spectacular day. I’ve been up 2 hours.

However, you are probably wondering what all this has to do with writing. Admittedly, not much, but my reading of the slush pile has been affected. Since you may have noticed that I moved most of it to the other house, my slush is officially on hold until life has calmed down somewhat – and when it is accessible again. I would therefore reccommend holding off sending me stuff for about a month. Also, if you haven’t heard from me yet, you probably won’t for another 3 weeks. And (I’m crossing my fingers that this doesn’t happen) there is always the possibility with any move that something is going to be misplaced. Although I’ve taken great pains to round everything up, there’s always the chance something isn’t where I expected and will get thrown in a box willy-nilly. If after a few months you fear this has happened to you, send me a note to let me know.

On an amusing note, I stacked my slush up in its boxes and my two piles combined are half as tall as me. I’m average height. So, you can see that I will have some intensive reading to do when all this over. I’ll just be glad that it’s all over.

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