Now, all of you know about our release party for Summer Shorts. It’s September 9 for those of you who might have forgotten. What you didn’t know was that in conjuction with our local Barnes & Noble we’re having a writing contest for kids. It’s called What I did on my summer vacation. No, seriously. The book is all about what kids did during the summer, so we thought we’d lovingly embrace the old cliche and have kids write about their summers. The only problem is that all the kids back here have already gone back to school and it turns out that the last thing they want to do is write an extra paragraph. So, we’re opening the contest up to everyone around the nation (and the world for that matter). Now obviously if the kid who wins lives in Alaska, we won’t be able have them personally read their essay. However, I will read it for them. They will still get their book.

So, if you are someone who works with kids who read, like say a librarian, please let your kids know about this. (And as an added incentive, I’ll get an additional signed copy donated to the winning kid’s library.) For a printable pdf, click here.

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