I like good days. Despite being too tired to stay up and post last night, yesterday was a good day. For starters, my new job at Barnes & Noble has these novel things called benefits! I have never in my entire professional career worked at a place where my employer provided me health insurance. For that matter, I’ve never worked at a place with more than 6 other employees except when I interned in college. The big mean corporations may be evil, but they do have healthcare. I’m even going to up my hours so I can qualify sooner.

And in even bigger news, the author copies for Summer Shorts arrived! They are gorgeous. They are lovely. I spent nearly ten minutes just staring at it and flipping through the pages without reading it. That was the most stressful book I have ever (and hopefully will ever) work on, and now it is here! The author copies — I’m talking about the ones stipulated in your contracts — will go out next week. The rest of the books will come in 10 days from now. That’s when all of you who ordered extra copies will be mailed out. And we’ve started receiving orders from stores.

It was a fantabulous day.

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