There’s so much you can do on the internet these days, specifically on Amazon. You can buy just about anything, chat with authors on their plogs, and sell your old books. Today I listed a bunch of my books. It turns out that over time I have managed to get duplicates of a lot of stuff and I have some books that I started, but I’ll never, ever finish. I’ve managed to already sell one whole book. I decided today was a success.

Of course, my participation in the used book market got me thinking about it. I actually don’t have much against it. I like to see books being loved by multiple people. However, I understand publishers’ concerns. And authors shouldn’t be real thrilled about it either. Pretty much no one makes any money off used books except the person selling them. And although remaindered books at least help a publisher cut costs, they don’t tend to make money for authors. It’s all a blurry mess. So, what’s my take? I think that I’ll remember to take into account that a certain percentage of my books’ potential readers will be reading second-hand (and for that matter library) books, and I’ll make my print runs accordingly.

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