I hate rejecting stuff. It’s not fun. It’s upsetting, and I feel bad every time I have to do it. At least when something is poorly written, I feel like I have a good excuse. After all, as much as I want to, I can’t publish everything I’ve been sent.

So, I have to reject stuff, and I have to accept that I have to reject stuff. And in general I have. Then, I get something that I like but still have to reject, and I have to start the whole acceptance process over again. It’s what I’m doing today. I have to reject some pretty good manuscripts not because of their content or writing, but because they are in a part of the market that, after long hard thought and consultation, Children’s Brains Are Yummy Books has decided not to enter for the time being. And normally I would then kick these books over to Blooming Tree for consideration, but BTP has already filled its lists for these types of books for the foreseeable future. I can’t find a place for these good (potentially strong mid-list titles), and so I’m forced to reject.

It breaks my heart.

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