Summer Shorts CoverIt’s official. A release date has been set. Summer Shorts will finally be releasing on August 22. From that day on, booksellers will be able to order and sell the book. The authors will be able to have the book for school visits. As for summer reading, the book ended up missing it’s peak selling time. Stupid printers and slow graphic designers. Oh well. There’s always next summer. This will give us time to get people to put us on their 2007 Summer Reading Lists.

If you are in the Austin area (or are willing to come here) and would like to participate in our release party, let me know. Email me here or (if you’re an SS author/illustrator) use my Blooming Tree email.

On a related note, I will now be able to do the often talked about but rarely seen editor visits. Similiar to an author visit, an editor visit encompasses visiting schools and explaining the book publishing process. I’ve never quite done one before. All the visits I’ve done in the past were small writing workshops. Also, now I have a book I can hawk, too. For some reason, kids have more interest in you if you have a book with your name on it. Weird. So different from adults. (That last sentence should have been read just dripping with sarcasm. If you didn’t read it that way, try again.)

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