There’s a reason the cliche is “don’t shoot the messenger.” Historically, whenever they brought unwanted news, they tended to wind up dead.

Well, I’ve never been shot at, but I have gotten flamed and yelled at in my career. As an editor, I often have the unpleasant task of delivering bad news. I’m the one that sends rejections. I’m the one that gets to tell an author all the things wrong with a manuscript. I’m the one that gets to tell authors when their books are delayed. It’s not fun. I don’t like doing it, and I don’t enjoy bearing the brunt of authors’ justified or unjustified ire. Most of the time I can’t personally control whatever has happened. I can’t even always control what we accept or reject at Blooming Tree. There are some books that we can’t take for various reasons, and other books that we have taken that I don’t personally have any real interest in. The only bad news I can control are the critiques I give manuscripts. And ironically, I don’t tend to get many complaints about those.

So, all that about messengers having been said, I have a message. I do not know when Summer Shorts will be released. As you all know, at this point it has missed it’s original release date by a few (massive understatement) days. Trust me. I’m as eager to learn as the rest of you. As soon as I have a date, I will let the whole world know, both here on the blog and by email.

Thank you for your time. I’ll now duck the flaming arrows I can feel aimed at my head.

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