Yesterday I attended our local SCBWI monthly meeting. We had a lovely speaker, Liz Scanlon, who discussed school visits — how to plan them, how to present them, how to make some money on them. It was interesting and fun, and it got me wondering. What are people’s worst school visit stories? My first book doesn’t come out until 2007, so I’ve only done a marginal number of school visits. So, far my worst story is when the embarrassed middle schoolers wouldn’t share the parodies of fairy tales that they had written.

But, I’m sure there are people out there that have had nightmare visits. Ever had a child come up to tell you that they love you but been so excited that instead of a hug they threw up on your shoes? That kind of thing. Share your inspiring stories so that all the future school visitors will be properly terrified. Use the comments link below.

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