I want to thank all of you for the most successful Weekend Dialogue ever! We’ve never had so much discussion and commentary on this site! Yee-haw.

Administratively, we’re going to make a small change to the way the blog runs. As you may have noticed, there is a new link to the right. It is the new Questions Link! Yeah! If you have a question that is unrelated to any of the current posts, email it to me there. I’ll then add it to the Questions of the Week (yes, questions, I’ll probably never have just one again) list.

On a different note, I am working on today’s post. But, it’s requiring me to build a whole web-page from scratch, so I might not get it up until tomorrow. I also have to get permission to put it up. I might get denied. I’m betting that I won’t. And for some of you, hopefully, it will be worth the wait. And if that isn’t the worst kind of tease . . .

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