It has recently come to my attention, that many of you out there like to review books on your blogs. Being the enterprising editor that I am, I thought perhaps, just maybe, some of you out there might like to review some of our books here at Blooming Tree Press. So, I have formed a handy, dandy way for you to request books to review. Click here and you will now be able to peruse our most recent books. Then there are instructions on how to email me to get the books. I’m trying to build a form, but I have yet to successfully recieve the information in my email. Until I do, we’ll have to stick with this.

There’s just one little condition. If you request a book, you really do have to review it. You can give an honest review — we’re not asking for fluff. We just want to see you publicize the book in some way. We’re not just giving free books out for fun, you know. Also, books will be shipping media mail. It saves us money, and hey! the books are free. Happy reading (and reviewing!)

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