Today is the National Holiday known as The Buried Editor’s Birthday. It is a day of great rejoicing and general merriment. On this historic occassion, riots have been known to start when bookstores run out of the books she has edited. You should see the official BEB color (beige) prominently painted on buildings all over your town. You may have thought their color choice was based on a neutral, but no, they are actually honoring me. Since you have now been officially notified of its existence, you should immediately take the rest of the day off from work, find a good book (preferably one I edited — I reccomend Lyranel’s Song if you’ve got a while, Little Bunny Kung Fu if you don’t) and read for the rest of the day. If your boss complains, simply inform him/her of The Buried Editor’s Birthday National Holiday. He/she should understand.

I shall not be posting anymore today since I will be taking my own most excellent advice. And if you are wondering what to get that certain editor who has everything, I reccommend brilliant Newberry award quality manuscripts for her to acquire. But, if that isn’t readily available, cheesy ecards work to. (Just don’t give my computer a virus. My whole life would come crumbling to pieces and I would be standing there in the pouring rain howling up at the sky like in that movie I can’t think of the name of and that would just be, well, sad.)

Oh, and if you are wondering, in Septina speak, I am now 3×7+7.

Have a Happy Buried Editor’s Birthday!


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