I have just had the most marvelous, spectacular news courtesty of Mindy Hardwick. She has enticed and encouraged some of her fellow classmates (or maybe it was students) in the Vermont MFA to submit to my ghost anthology. (Girlish shriek of glee.) I was beginning to think I was going to have to close the coffin on that one, so to speak, due to the absolute lack of submissions. I’ve only gotten, like 6. But, this gives me hope. So, in the spirit of reviving this project, I am going to repost the guidelines and tell all of you to ingnore the submit by date. For right now, I’m going to leave it open. Don’t worry, when I decide to stop accepting submissions for the project, I’ll give a 6 weeks head up.

Write those ghost stories. Submit those ghost stories. I vant to see them all. Wa ha ha ha.

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