Happy Fourth to all of you who don’t work from home, so you actually get things like weekends and holidays. Lucky ducks. At least I get to work from my air-conditioned home today. Tomorrow it’s back to the unair-conditioned job site.

I haven’t gotten a chance to get around to any of my slush today. It piles over my head. Well, that’s an exageration, but I got a large amount of slush last week, all of which appears to be picture books. I have reconciled myself to the picture books, but if you want to read me having a mental break down over them, go to my other blog. I kind of snapped. I’ve decided to use that site for all my negativity, and this site for positive and instructional musings. And what did I learn from all those picture books? That people don’t read guidelines. Please, please, read a press or agen’ts submission guidelines before sending a manuscript. If a press (like Blooming Tree) specifically says not to send picture books, don’t waste your postage sending picture books to them. By rights, I should just reject all of them out of hand, but I won’t. I’ll look through them. But I can guarantee my mood won’t be real good. It’s a dangerous condition.

So have a wonderful holiday. In a bit, I’m off to see the fireworks, and I don’t mean the ones I experienced when I discovered how many picture book in my slush. I’m going to the big park and watching the pretty lights in the sky. See, I can take a break too.

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