Now, for a moment of blatant self-promotion.

I have expanded the Buried Editor’s web presence. It wasn’t enough for me to be found here in the blogger domain, no I must go further and farther abroad. I now have a MySpace account. I’m not sure exactly why I bothered getting one, but maybe once they start letting me post, I’ll see the fruits of expanding my horizons.

I have also built the Buried Editor its own website found at Now I can be snarky and independent on yet another site. I don’t plan to update this much, but it does have writing samples if your curious to read what I write. Also, my rates are there should you want my beautiful visage to shine at your groups next conference. My conference rate is a phenomenal sum: $0.00 plus you have to pay for my travel, room and board. I’m happy to give up my time, but I ain’t going out-of-pocket. Of course, if you wish to pay me, I would never object . . .

I’m compiling a FAQ for that site, so if you’ve got a burning important issue, you should get that checked. But if you’ve got a writing or editing or general Buried Editor question, email it to me. You’ve got a week before I’m putting them up.

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