On my desktop computer, there is a botton for putting the computer to sleep. I encountered a manuscript today that hit my sleep button. Now in my defense I was tired. I’m not getting my 10 hours of sleep. Yes, I need 10 hours of sleep. Anyway, I was tired, but still I’ve never fallen asleep from a manuscript before. I’m not the kind of person that falls asleep reading. I’m the one that finishes a book and discovers it’s four in the morning.

So what about this manuscript was so boring that I fell asleep? Nothing. It was not very good. It had problems. The dialogue did not match the tone and not much was happening in the book, but it wasn’t any worse than anything else. It just was dull. And I fell asleep.

Now, I’m waiting for a manuscript so dull that I cry. I still haven’t been bored to tears.

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