Today I worked on my press (Children’s Brains are Yummy Books aka CBAY books) instead of wading through BTP’s slush. I don’t get that much slush over at CBAY. Partly that’s because no one knows about my baby press, and mostly it’s because I don’t accept very many unsolicited manuscripts. Technically we take them, and I welcome slush provided it follows my guidelines, but I’ve never actually acquired anything through CBAY’s slush. (On an interesting note, CBAY has acquired from Blooming Tree’s slush. Yes, my boss at Blooming Tree knows. The first fiction novel to come out of my press will be The Book of Nonsense by David Michael Slater which originally was submitted to Blooming Tree. It was too controversial for that press, but it was soooo good that I jumped started my press into publishing books 3 years before I had originally planned. I’ve been working hard to fill the 2008 list ever since.) All the other books for that year (5 nonfiction picture books and 1 fiction mid-grade) have been accepted through solicited manuscripts. I don’t mean that they sent me a query that I approved. These were authors that I had discussed their projects with them in detail before they were submitted, and I was looking for them. That’s a true solicited manuscript.

But, today was slush free. I typed up a contract, did a few P&Ls (ask if you don’t know what that is. It would make a good question of the week, hint, hint, hint . . .) and edited a few rough drafts. It’s what I call a relaxing day.

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