I have just finished typing in the production schedule for Blooming Tree Press’s 2007 books. Now I like deadlines. I like to meet deadlines. I feel awful whenever I miss one, so I try to make that occasion as rare as possible. I made Children’s Brains are Yummy Books’ schedule months ago. But as I was typing in BTP’s schedule and despite the weeks of padding I’ve added to the deadlines, I know that dates will be missed. Things will happen, the printer will sit on the files, something, and deadlines will be missed. Books will be delayed. Authors (and me) will be disappointed. I hate things I cannot control, and a production schedule is full of things I can’t control. It’s frustrating.

If you’re curious about what a sample 2007 book production scedule at Blooming Tree looks like, here’s one for a YA or mid-grade novel with no interior artwork:

June 15 final draft due
July 15 copyedits due
July 16 copyedits to author
August 15 copyedits back from author
September 15 layout due
September 16 proof to author
October 1 cover art due
October 15 proof back from author
October 15 cover due
November 1 final cover and layout due
November 7 book to printer
November 15-22 book proofs from printer (bluelines) recieved and returned
January 31 books arrive from printer
February 15 book to reviewers
June 1 book released

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