I’ve discovered a new thing at Amazon. It’s called their AuthorConnect program where authors can blog and readers can respond. I’ve been having a dandy time reading and replying to Garth Nix’s blog or plog as they call them on Amazon. Garth’s posts are sporadic, but I don’t care since I enjoy reading his stuff whenever I can.

But, it turns out that these plogs are not just for the best-selling authros. Any author with a published book being sold on Amazon can join. It gives you a chance to talk with your reader, and it adds content to your pages. The blog links all of your books together, and you can even add a link to your personal website.

If you aren’t published yet, don’t despair. File this fact away for the future when you are. Until then, amuse yourself by having a dialouge with one of your favorite authors. Click here for the Author Link main page.

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