Yes, the slush faerie has struck, the little devil. For those who don’t know, the slush faerie is this little critter, an imp-like thing if you will, that attacks the slush pile. It takes perfectly good submissions and replaces them with a changeling manuscripts – strange, weird submissions that I just can’t quite believe I’ve recieved. I’ve had submissions that didn’t make sense, that were on flowered paper, and that contained pictures of the grandchildren the story was written for but that don’t figure into the story. But even after all that, the slush faerie has sunk to a new low. I don’t know what manuscipt was there before it struck, but the changeling was a handwritten short story on notebook paper. Let’s review what wasn’t working in that submission. It was handwriten. It was on notebook paper. It was a short story, and Blooming Tree Press only publishes short stories when we’re doing a themed anthology. I get lots of submission that I have to reject for whatever reason, but only a small minority make me stop and go, “What the . . .” This was one of those. At least we can all learn a lesson from this changeling. Send normal manuscripts that are typed, double-spaced, with one inch margins in a standard 12 point font. Print this work on normal white printer paper. Review the house’s submission guidelines to make sure you are submitting something the house is interested in seeing. So, the next time the slush faerie delivers me a changeling, the manuscript won’t be yours.

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