I’m very excited. I got an acutal question, so for this week only I’m switching the Question and Tips. In the future I’ll answer the question on Fridays. So here it is:

Question of the Week: How do editors feel about receiving submissions on recycled paper?

Well, I can’t speak for all editors, but generally we like it. The more recycled paper around, the more books we can print. And the fewer trees we cut down to do it, the better. That being said, we like submissions on recycled paper that looks like normal white printer paper. Office Depot has printer paper made from post recycled products that’s only about $2 more per 10 ream case. What I don’t reccommend is using unbleached recycled paper. It is harder to read black type on gray paper than on white paper. I also don’t reccommend using homemade recycled paper. Now, that may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at some of the stuff I receive. Anyway, I think homemade paper would be hard to feed through the printer.

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