Tip of the Week: Do not try to get an agent for a book after you’ve been offered a contract.

It’s rude. It’s in bad taste. And it’s stupid. One of the main reasons you want an agent is to get your manuscript in the hands of editors. However, this time you’ve done it yourself. Why would you then want to hire someone for a job you’ve already done? If you’re concerned that you’re being taken advantage of, have a lawyer review the contract before you sign it. Keep in mind that you get one negotiation before the publisher loses patience and yanks the offer. If you have to choose between a slightly higher royalty/advance, and your subrights, go for a higher percentage of subrights with the right to negotiate for them immediately. They can be worth a lot of money. Then go get an agent to handle your subrights. Get an agent for your next book. But don’t get one for this contract with this publisher.

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