There’s a bizarre misconception among authors that the editor picks the illustrator for things like picture books or covers. This is not true. An editor may suggest a specific style. They might even suggest a specific illustrator if they’ve worked with them before. But ultimately, it is the art director that makes decisions on who illustrates. And the illustrator might change. If the publisher, editor and art director don’t like the aesthetic vision being created, they may decide to go in a different direction — like switch from a photgrapic cover to a drawn, etc.

So, don’t send me illustration samples. That needs to go to the art director. Don’t suggest illustrators for me. That’s what the art director does. And feel free to send me an illustrated dummy if you’re sending me a picture book — but only if you are a professional illustrator. In general, it doesn’t matter what type of book you’re submitting from picture book on up, I only want the text.

Current thesis word count: 26,000 words
Goal: 40,000

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