I’ve decided to share with everyone the secret hidden world behind books – specifically children’s books. I have not, will not, should not ever work in adult titles. All my knowledge comes from the kids’ side of things. Still much is the same. Good writing is good writing regardless of the target age range. And contrary to popular belief, writing for kids is not easier. The next time you think so, try to write a Step One Easy Reader. These books need to be under 1000 words, have a plot, show character development, not have a single word over 2 syllables, and have most the words be a three letter constanant-vowel-constanant (like cat) word.

Still, even after that brilliant book has been written, you still need an editor to look at it. And here’s where I’ll provide tips: the things you’ve always wanted to know but could only ask when you’d cornered some poor editor in the bathroom at a writing conference. I will post helpful hints for submitting to publishers. I will share (vague and substantially altered to protect the inept) examples of the good, the bad, and the downright strange types of things that turn up in the slush pile. I will astound you with the number of manuscripts even a small house recieves.

And along the way, I will bore you with updates on my creative thesis (a YA novel) for my MA in Children’s Lit from Hollins University. I am assuming this will motivate me, not interest anyone else.
Current thesis word count: 24,000 words
Goal: 40,000

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